Woodmont Golf and Country Club Market Updates

Woodmont Market Updates

The following reports are based on the reporting data supplied by Trendgraphix, Inc. Important note about all stats: The geographic, property-type, date-range, and other criteria used when generating the report, affects the results you are seeing. All criteria is based upon where the transaction occurred – meaning that pulling a report for a specific city will only generate results for homes listed/pended/sold in that city.* Click on the report headings to view the market reports.


Sold to List Price Percentage. The average difference between the price a property was last listed at before it went into contract and the price that a property finally closed sale at. List Price % does not take into account any price reductions during the course of the listing.


Calculated by dividing the number of homes that closed sale in a given calendar month, into the number of homes that were active at the end of a given calendar month. Typically expressed as “If no other homes were listed as of the end of that month, and the current pace of sales prevailed, it would take X number of months to sell through the current inventory.”


The average number of days that a property that closed sale during the calendar month, spent on the market.


The average price of homes that were in the active status as of the last day of the calendar month.

The Woodmont Comprehensive Market Report is a unique report created by Jeanine T. Blumer. This report is formulated with multiple data resources available only to real estate professionals.

To obtain a copy of this market data report contact Jeanine T. Blumer,
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